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We want fundraising with Farver Farms high quality, nutritious mixes to be a simple and rewarding process for your non-profit group, and can sum it up in a few quick steps:

1) Pick a Date.  To be able to focus on each fundraiser and make it the best experience possible for your non-profit group and your customers, we schedule a limited amount of fundraisers during any given time period.  We’ll discuss what fundraising dates and delivery dates work best to provide you with a personalized time-table.

2) Receive your Fundraising Kit.  As soon as your date is set, we’ll send out a fundraising packet that includes a
sales flyer/order form, individual success tips/tricks brochure, and intro brochure for each fundraiser in your group.  You’ll also receive a fundraising checklist with important dates and information for your organization’s instructor or organizer.

3) Download Resources.  Once your fundraiser is scheduled, you’ll be given access to our downloadable resources,
including:  success tips, plus posters, camera ready newspaper ads, and radio spots that are all personalized specifically for your group and your fundraiser, as well as social media posts ready to share directly to your social media channels throughout your event.  We’ll work closely with you to make sure these items meet your needs.

4) Host a Kickoff Meeting.  After you receive your fundraising kit and have your resources in place, it’s time to rally the
troops!  Host a kickoff meeting for your group to pass out materials, review our success tips & tricks, set individual
and group sales goals, and highlight sales incentives.

5) Ready, Set, Go!  Fundraisers are generally 2 weeks in duration.  At the end of your fundraiser, your organization’s
instructor or designated fundraising organizer will collect all order forms and payments.  Order forms may be mailed,
scanned and emailed or faxed back to the Farm, and we’ll take care of tallying your sales for you, as well as your group’s total earnings, and the payment due.  Because we package all your orders as they are received, it takes approximately 2 weeks before your products are ready to ship. Payment must be made in full before shipment.

6) Deliver.  Delivery can be one of the most important parts of the fundraising process!  It can ensure a happy customer, and a greater chance of repeat sales during the next fundraiser.  To help make it easier, we provide a detailed
order/customer recap and customized delivery slips for each student/fundraiser.

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