Where Does My Food Come From: Mark & Jenny Rohrich


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where does my food come from
I’m so thrilled to introduce my guests to you today.  I’m talking with Mark & Jenny Rohrich, a husband and wife team who are not only producers, but are supporting the industry of agriculture in a big way.

mark and jenny house

In addition to playing a role on their family’s farm, they are also partners in an agronomy business, Maverick Ag, and Jenny is an avid agvocate on her blog, Prairie Californian.

This couple was a lot of fun to interview, and I think you’ll learn a lot about the human side of food production from them.

Push play below to hear from Mark & Jenny!


You can hear what a great team Mark & Jenny make, each of them bringing their own strengths to their farming operating with the other members of their family, as well as to their agronomy business and the Prairie Californian blog.  They’re able to ask questions of each other & really capitalize on the individual talents they each have.

And I love what Jenny said about the fact that farmers are listening to consumers conversations, and they want to be involved, and want to answer the questions that consumers have.  She said it best: “Farmers are just a tweet away”

mark and jenny July Crops 2014-54

[tweetthis]Farmers are just a Tweet away! -@prairieCA via @farverfarms [/tweetthis]

If you’d like to connect with Mark and Jenny or have more questions for them, you can find them here:

www.maverickag.net  or

On Twitter:

And on Facebook:

And right now, Jenny is hosting a #Show Me Your Wheat contest on her blog with some pretty great prizes!  All you have to do is “submit a photo showing her how wheat is involved in your life, whether it be in your kitchen cupboard or in your field!”

So start snapping, then check out the contest & entry details here:  prairiecalifornian.com/show-me-your-wheat-giveaway/

As always, we so appreciate you reading, listening & following along.  We hope you enjoyed hearing from Mark and Jenny, and making a farm/food, producer/consumer connection with them.

If you know someone who would also like to know more about the food on their table, share this post & invite them to join you right back here next week for another #meetmyfarmer edition of ‘Where Does My Food Come From?’.

I’ll see you soon on The Farm!   -Shauna


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