The Farm

Before you know anything else about us,

you should know that we are so incredibly grateful for our lifestyle.
The opportunity to work together side-by-side every day, raise our kids right smack in the middle of Rural America, & see the miracle of growth in every new season is one we don’t take for granted.

In 1926, Terry’s Great-Grandfather on his mother’s side, C.K. Hanson, purchased the homestead and part of the farm where we live now. Since then, his family has been growing grain here on the prairies of Northeast Montana.
Combined with the heritage on his father’s side and their history back to the late 30’s in the area, his roots here run deep.

We’re happy to be able to share that history and heritage through our blog, as well as our fundraising program, which features the grains grown right here on the Farm.

Hi, I’m Shauna.

Stay at home Mama, wife to my 4th generation Montana farmer & rancher, agvocate, blogger, speaker, fundraising program manager & farm hand extraordinaire!

You’ll often find me sharing about our love of raising a family on the farm, gushing about Rural America, dishing about the quirky antics of Small Town USA, and chronicling the heart and soul of American Agriculture on our blog.

And I pass along plenty of pictures—none of them professional, some of them out of focus, & all of them as authentic as it gets.

Make sure you’re following along with us over on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram to see candid shots from the Farm & hear the day-by-day antics & adventures that go on around here!

My Grandma was a good German,

& taught me from a very young age that “we feed people, we feed them often, & we feed them well.”

That heritage, coupled with a desire to share the products we grow and to find an alternate income stream to help support our Farm, led me to develop the line of Farver Farms Dry Mixes.

Each of the mixes centers around either the wheat or lentils we grow here on the Farm and is combined with a special selection of spices to create a hearty, nutritious base. You simply add one or two ingredients commonly found in most kitchens, and you’ve got a homemade, full of flavor meal, snack or sweet treat that you can feel great about serving to your family.

Fundraising Program

In addition to retail and wholesale programs, our mixes are offered via our Fundraising Program. We feel strongly about giving back, and are excited to be able to offer this program to non-profit groups to help them reach their goals. From school groups to church groups, 4-H, FFA, and countless other organizations…. we’re committed to playing our part to help create strong communities and supporting our youth in reaching their full potential. Visit our Work With Us! page to learn how to participate.

A Few Other Fun Facts!

Things pretty much move at about the speed of sound around here 90% of the time.

My sister jokes that they have to go home and take a week off after they visit. (I think she’s joking anyway)

My Farmer and I are raising 3,000 acres, give or take, of spring wheat, winter wheat, field peas, lentils, corn & barley. We hay another 225 acres, & run a herd of 100-ish Black Angus cow/calf pairs.

And while most of our field crops go directly to an export market, any time you eat a product made with wheat flour, make a yummy soup with dry peas or lentils or feed your pets their dry food…. you could be consuming food we grow here on the Farm. But those delicious steaks & burgers you threw on the barbecue last weekend? We’re proud to say we could definitely have had a hand in that!

We’re also raising the 5th generation on this homestead—

our daughter, who’s 17 now, & our son, who’s 15. The two of them participate in every sport & extra-curricular activity they can find, which partly explains why we put 30,000+++ miles on our pickup & hundreds of hours on the road every year traveling to every Class C school in the Eastern side of the State. Plus, we just love a good road trip together.

My garden turned to dust 13 years ago.

I buy our food directly from other producers & farmers markets when I can…but out here, they’re few & far between. So most of my shopping is done right at the local grocery store. And I’m totally okay with that. I know that when I’m conscious about only buying products that are made in the USA, I’m supporting other family farms just like ours, & I’m accessing the safest, least expensive, most abundant food supply in the world.

Rural takes on a whole new meaning here

and ups the difficulty level a notch or two. The population in our county is 1200. It’s 14 miles to the Canadian Border. You have to travel 45 miles East or South to find another town of any size (huge—like population 2500)(insert sarcasm), and a ‘parts run’ often means 90 miles one way to the West or 2 hours to the North into Canada.

Part of the famed but remote Outlaw Trail, which was used as an escape route for turn-of-the-century gunslingers and outlaws from Canada to Mexico, runs through the Farm.

And the weather creates its own set of challenges too. We can see 100°F above zero in the summer, & 50°F below zero in the Winter. Both of those extremes mean extra care for the livestock as well as buildings, equipment, & crops.

Put it all together

and it adds up to one crazy, chaotic, early morning, late night love affair with a way of life we wouldn’t trade for any other.
It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are. We wear it with pride, & we’re anxious to share it with you!