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It was Harvest 2014, and I was tired. Not just kind of tired. Really tired.  Like the ‘do not operate heavy machinery’ kind of tired. But there I was….climbing back into the combine for what seemed like the bazillionth day of harvest. (Don’t laugh, that’s a real number…kind of!) The season…(Read More)

Where does the time go?  It’s been just a little over a month since my last post– and while I missed writing, I loved giving my family the extra time through the Holidays.  The Prairie Kids had an extra long break from school, and I enjoyed every second with them.  I’m always a…(Read More)

Corn stalks in a Montana field.

My intention when I wandered down to the corn field, was to take some pictures of the corn harvest in progress to share in a blog post.  I had been given a reprieve from the field work for a few reasons.  We were cutting with a regular platform header…not a corn chopper, so the…(Read More)

A combine pickup header harvesting lentils in a field in Montana.

What is it they say about difficulty building character?  Well I’m thinking there was a whole boat load of character created here on the Farm during lentil harvest! What should have taken a day or two drug out for four…and I missed the first three.  Partly because picking up the windrows in the…(Read More)

A storm cloud on the Montana prairie during harvest.

Earlier this week, I promised a post about an explanation of farmers & their coffee table conversation about weather, as well as a game-show themed example for non-farmers to help them understand how a severe weather day feels for an ag producer.  I hear lots of comments about farmers ‘complaining’ about the weather…(Read More)

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