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Tonight I finally squeezed in a walk just before sunset, and I was looking forward to some quiet time to clear my head a bit.  As I headed out, I could hear ducks quack quacking up at the pond. They seemed to be scolding the geese honking overhead as they scattered from their ‘V…(Read More)

Bull Sale!


Last month was the annual bull sale for the Black Angus breeders that we usually buy our bulls from.  In fact, we’ve been buying bulls at the North Country Performance to Profit, Better Beef Bulls sale for almost 30 years! Why would we use the same breeder for that many years?  Because when you…(Read More)

These pictures were taken what seems like light years ago, when the Prairie kids were so much smaller. I remember the day well though. It was in the middle of a very long calving/seeding/track coaching season, & we hadn’t seen much of our Farmer. The kids were whiney,…and in all truthfulness…(Read More)

Last Sunday, the Farmer said it was time to do some Spring road maintenance. Notice he didn’t say he’d decided, or it looked like a good day for it. It was time. You see, when the temperatures start to warm up and the snow & ice start to melt, the water on the…(Read More)

Yep, you heard me.  Last night’s dinner conversation (yes, around here the evening meal is dinner) revolved around a room full of people talking about poop. Actually, to be fair, only one person was talking about it.  Dr. Donald H. Bliss, a veterinary parasitologist with MidAmerica Agricultural Research Inc., brought in as a guest…(Read More)

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