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It’s Friday, and time for a new edition of ‘Where Does My Food Come From?’ The part blog/part podcast series where we meet, and get to know Farmers & Ranchers from all across the Nation.  We learn about the foods they grow, and the connection to the products we put on our tables…(Read More)

On Easter Sunday, as I stood waving goodbye to my cousin Jennifer from my front porch, I heard a noise in the distance. It got louder and louder, until I could make out the rolling call of a Sandhill Crane.  I was thrilled, & ran back in the house to get my camera in case…(Read More)

Yep, you heard me.  Last night’s dinner conversation (yes, around here the evening meal is dinner) revolved around a room full of people talking about poop. Actually, to be fair, only one person was talking about it.  Dr. Donald H. Bliss, a veterinary parasitologist with MidAmerica Agricultural Research Inc., brought in as a guest…(Read More)

Several weeks ago, the Farmer called me early one morning, having left to feed cows an hour before. “Guess what I found?”, he asked. “You did not”, I replied. “Yep, waiting for me when I got here”, he said. My voice got low & quiet.  “Dead?”  More a statement than a question. It’s a…(Read More)

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