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It’s a hot & hazy summer day.  You’re moving equipment from one field to another.  You’re cruising down the Dirt Road, not a care in the world. Then you look up. Through the heat waves and the sweat running in your eyes, you see a glint of steel on the road ahead…(Read More)

Oh gosh.  Now I’m feeling a little guilty for luring you here with a dramatic headline. (Just a little though.  You’re reading, right?)  Sorry, no graphic pictures to share or sordid tale to tell. It’s entirely true though that Dirt Roads can be dangerous….especially to ag producers. Few farms or ranches…(Read More)

It’s easy when you’re driving your favorite Dirt Road to feel like you’re the only person out there.  There’s a certain solitude in it, an anonymity.  It’s part of the draw. And when you’re driving a grain truck, hauling a stock trailer or moving equipment across a Dirt Road…(Read More)

Thirty Days of Dirt Roads

Stick around here long enough, and you’ll quickly learn I tend to do things at the last minute.  I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. Whether it’s because I’m a master procrastinator, operate better under a deadline, or have so many irons in the fire it…(Read More)

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