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I snapped this picture a few weeks back when I was seeding lentils…or durum…I forget which. (It’s a good thing my Farmer is the brains of this operation!)

I’ve always loved the little late 40’s Case LA tractor that sits in the corner of this field, and have often wondered about the stories it could tell. 

It overlooks a portion of our farm at the South place, sitting right where it worked its last acre….abandoned when it couldn’t be revived. 

In the lower right corner of the picture, you can see the GPS screen in the tractor we use now.
It paints the screen where the tractor and seeder have been, and shows which rows have been seeded, as well as calculating the number of acres in each field and storing other information about each piece of land that help us farm as efficiently as possible . (Information that I don’t  really understand, but it sounds like it’s pretty cool!) Plus, it connects to the auto steer. Which is the only reason I’m allowed to seed, because I can’t drive a straight line on my own to save my life! 

I can’t imagine 50+ years ago when the old tractor was being used by Terry’s Great Uncle Herman, that he could have imagined what kind of technology we would be using today.  

In 1960, the average farmer fed around 25 people.  In 2016, the average American farmer feeds around 155 people. 

With the equipment we use on our farm now, we can accomplish in one hour what it took a whole day to do with the little Case LA! 

And can you imagine the dirt, dust, heat, cold, bugs and jarring that a body was exposed to while driving the little guy?

Change isn’t always bad.  And in the race to feed 7 billion mouths, it’s necessary. 

But I feel good knowing that little Case LA is sitting on the hill, watching over our farm, soaking up the history, and standing as a testament to the grit and hard work that paved the way for agriculture as we know it. 

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