Keeping it Real

One of our goals here at Farver Farms, is to give you an authentic glimpse into life on the farm.  You know,…the real deal.

We want you to feel like you’re right here with us– drinking in the beauty of the land.  Experiencing the highs and lows of ag production.  Feeling the grit in your teeth.  Smelling the cowpies.  (Hey, have to take the good with the bad!)

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95% of the pictures I post are taken with my handy dandy iPhone 5s. That means they’re copyrighted by me & our website, & can’t be used without my permission. (But seriously,.. just ask!)  The other 5% were probably taken by My Farmer, but if they were taken by someone else, I’ll always give full credit where it’s due.

I’m a complete photo dummy.  I don’t know an aperature from an f-stop, & have zero desire to pack around a heavy camera with a zillion lenses.  Most camera’s wouldn’t take the abuse my phone sees in half a day anyway.  And there’s definitely no time to be setting up perfect poses–it’s strictly point & shoot around here!


You’ll also find that our Food from the Farm recipes are very,..well,…authentic as well.  Some might even say simple or un-imaginative.  But they’re quick & easy to make and get my crew out the door with a full belly.  And we really eat the food I blog about.  (Well,…usually….unless it’s a total flop.  Don’t worry.  When that happens, I’ll make sure I put a disclaimer on the recipe) The kids thought I’d pretty well lost my mind the first time I snapped a picture of my dinner plate at the table before I started eating– they’re getting used to it though! (This excludes the fundraiser recipes of course…. they’re the real deal!)

There’s generally nothing fancy about the recipes, or the ingredients.  In fact, if I can’t get what I need to make a recipe from the grocery store in our tiny town (pop. 1000), then I probably won’t make it.  Or I’ll substitute another ingredient.  Or I’ll make up a new recipe to work with the ingredients I have.  Or I’ll give up and cook fish sticks. (Oh yes, I went there!)

And while we’re on the subject, let’s just go ahead and address the fact that many of our recipes contain ingredients that, depending on who you talk to, aren’t deemed to be health conscious.  Like butter.  And eggs.  And red meat.  And yes, even occasionally sugar.  We use an ‘everything in moderation’ approach to eating & living.

Rules of Engagement

Can we all agree to just play nicely together?  We love hearing from our readers, and enjoy reading all your comments…even the ones we may not agree with.  We like learning new things, and there’s room here for a good conversation.  Unless you’re just being nasty.  In that case, we’ll ask you to rephrase your comment.  Once.  After that, your comment & any future comments that don’t match the tone of this site will be deleted.  Fair warning.

Privacy Policy

Let’s talk about what’s not real for just a minute.  Compromising, sharing or selling personal information.  Not real, not right…& just plain uncool.  I, we, this site, My Farmer, the Prairie Kids, Howie the Cat, Roper the Dog, etc… will never, EVER, share your information with a third party without your permission.  Click here to read the full version.

The Legal Stuff

Hang out here long enough, and it won’t take you long to figure out that I’m not a big fan of rules.  Or doing things by the book.  Or being told what to do.  Or coloring inside the lines.  You get the idea.  But to keep the Interweb Gods happy, there are a few things I’m supposed to tell you about.  Read at your own risk.  (Not before driving or operating heavy equipment though, as they will definitely make you drowsy!)


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