Fall colored leaves growing around an old tractor in a junkyard.

Fall Comes to the Farm


It sure didn’t take long for the Autumn colors to come and go this year in our part of the Prairie.  It seemed like we went from the sizzle of Summer to a landscape ready for Winter’s long sleep in the span of barely 2 weeks.  And most of that time here on the Farm was spent in the field–scrambling to get the crop in the bin before the frost & the next rain cloud.

I managed to sneak in part of a day to snap a few pictures to share though.  You won’t find these as dramatic as the vibrant pictures that come from the New England or Great Lakes States this time of year.  But they’re uniquely fresh from the Farm!

The cover photo from this post is a McCormick tractor– laid to rest in our machinery Bone Yard a quarter mile from our house. (That’s Uncle Gerry’s you can see in the background)
Old tractor in a bone yard with fall leaves.

Every year through my bathroom window, I watch as two bright pops of color show themselves there– practically jumping up & down, waving their arms like pre-schoolers begging for attention.  This year, I obliged, and headed down the rutted path, around the end of the wheat field, past the corrals, to the hallowed ground where equipment that has given its all for generations of our family now rests.

I’ve been there many times, but never in the Fall. Never taken the time during this busiest of Farm seasons to enjoy a new perspective. I won’t make that mistake again!
Fall colored leaves growing around an old tractor.
I’m pretty sure these little bushes– two of only a few for miles around–grew specifically & brilliantly in this spot so someone, anyone… & eventually me, with my camera,…would notice this weathered time piece.

It didn’t take much imagination to close my eyes and imagine a time & place when this little tractor worked the land & provided for ones who came before us.  I could almost here it whispering to me, telling its proud stories of stalwart service.
Fall colored leaves growing around an old tractor.
And I’m not ashamed to admit that I actually shed a few tears, thinking about the sacrifice and just plain hard work that this old friend and my Farmer’s ancestors gave to carve out this place & lay down a legacy.

Speaking of history.

Wagon wheel in fall foliage.
Somehow the yellow of the leaves and the grass, dried & brown now, gave that wagon wheel a grand, regal appearance that I hadn’t noticed earlier in the year when the foliage was green & tall.

I’d have donned a bonnet and rocked some Laura Ingalls braids right then and there if you’d handed them to me!

from phone 9-24-14 186

I’m digressing a little bit though.

Fall is actually my favorite season. The days are cool & crisp, shadows get longer, the sun has a certain glow to it …& of course, the colors! (the Farmer himself took this picture right in our back yard one morning just as the sun was coming up–that’s definitely more his time of day than mine.)
Fall foliage.

Fall on the Farm is a a time to gather. A Season of abundance, bounty & gratitude. But here on the Northern Prairies, it’s also a Season of closure. A time to haul the last bales from the fields, plant the seed that will hibernate through the winter then (hopefully) peek through the soil at the first hint of Spring, close up the grain bins, tuck equipment away, ship the calves & harbor the mama cows from the reaches of the frigid temperatues & driving blizzards that are just around the corner.

You’ll also find us stopping to appreciate & enjoy the coziness of the Season….taking in the occasional corn maze, sipping hot cider around the fire pit at night, & stuffing ourselves at local church dinners with a Scandanavian flair (lefse & lutefisk!). Plus, we’ll be immersed in the school season as well– chasing the Prairie Kids up and down the road to far flung volleyball & football games, clad in tank tops & flip flops one minute,  & bundled in our ski pants & parkas the next.

We’d love to hear some of your Fall rituals. How to you celebrate this new Season? What changes does it bring to your farm or family?

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See you soon on the Farm! -Shauna

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