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So here’s how it works during seeding around here. This morning I made a run to town to drop off my pickup to have the windshield replaced. (Let’s just say the Prairie Boy will be staging batting practice a little further from the house from now on.) I also stopped for parts, made…(Read More)

Lentil Stew


I’m going to come clean right off the bat, and let you know this is the first time I’d ever made this recipe. I’d heard about it.  It’s practically legendary in my husband’s family.  But in 20 years, I had somehow never tried it, or made it.  And I was…(Read More)

Fresh peach with claw marks in skin.

It’s not uncommon here on the farm for us to have the occasional unwanted visitor. In the old house, there were bats in the attic, mice on the main floor, & salamanders in the basement. Our own veritable pick your own sushi bar. That…thankfully….was long ago & far away though. Here in…(Read More)

Peach crisp with ice cream.

Peach Crisp


It turns out, I spend more time in the kitchen than I thought.  And once I started paying attention, I realized there were plenty of recipes & kitchen tips I could share.  So this week’s Wacky Wednesday post (Umm,..yes, it’s arriving on Friday.  Watch for Sunday’s post for a little explanation…(Read More)

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