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It’s 9:27 on Sunday night.  On Friday, I committed to participating in the 30 Days of Blogging Challenge, specifically, Ag blogging.  I knew some days it would be a challenge.  I knew there would be days I didn’t feel like writing.  Knew there would be days I didn’t have time to…(Read More)

Over the next 30 days, I’ll be posting a blog a day about Dirt Roads and the connection they have to agriculture.  Much of the food you eat starts out on a Dirt Road.  Or at the end of one.  Or is transported on one.  So it seems only appropriate to celebrate the Dirt…(Read More)

View from the top of a grain trailer at dusk.

A Change of Scenery


The last two years at harvest time, we’ve made an arrangement with one of our neighbors, & have thrown in with him to get both of our crops cut quicker & easier.  Plus, it’s more fun for him and for us to have extra people around.  Farmer Farver, Uncle Gerry & I get…(Read More)

A storm cloud on the Montana prairie during harvest.

Earlier this week, I promised a post about an explanation of farmers & their coffee table conversation about weather, as well as a game-show themed example for non-farmers to help them understand how a severe weather day feels for an ag producer.  I hear lots of comments about farmers ‘complaining’ about the weather…(Read More)

If you’ve never been to a small town County Fair, it’s hard to explain the atmosphere.  Hard to put into words the anticipation and sense of communty it brings.  I think Chris LeDoux says it well though: “Well, there’s a full moon in the western sky And there’s magic in the…(Read More)

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