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Tonight I finally squeezed in a walk just before sunset, and I was looking forward to some quiet time to clear my head a bit.  As I headed out, I could hear ducks quack quacking up at the pond. They seemed to be scolding the geese honking overhead as they scattered from their ‘V…(Read More)

Montana farm elevator snow scene

Does that title have you singing yet?  ….. Oh, what a beautiful day, I’ve got a beautiful feeling,….   Okay, I’ll spare you the rest.  But man,… it really was a beautiful morning! I had a meeting in town first thing this morning with some wonderfully talented, heart centered, like minded business women, who also…(Read More)

It was Harvest 2014, and I was tired. Not just kind of tired. Really tired.  Like the ‘do not operate heavy machinery’ kind of tired. But there I was….climbing back into the combine for what seemed like the bazillionth day of harvest. (Don’t laugh, that’s a real number…kind of!) The season…(Read More)

On Easter Sunday, as I stood waving goodbye to my cousin Jennifer from my front porch, I heard a noise in the distance. It got louder and louder, until I could make out the rolling call of a Sandhill Crane.  I was thrilled, & ran back in the house to get my camera in case…(Read More)

The crazy weather this Winter, with all of the raining/snowing, freezing & melting, has the ice flowing in places it never has before. This flow is at the North place. I actually stood in the ditch to take this picture, but to the side of the ice. It’s frozen, but with…(Read More)

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