An #AgDay2015 Shout Out to AGvocates!


I’m pretty sure I mentioned a ’10 Things To Love About Agriculture’ post to celebrate National Ag Day today, but it’s going to have to wait.

I have a better idea.

It came to me last night during the #agchat Tweet Chat when the topic turned to ag marketing & education.

The overwhelming consensus, was that many agriculture producers are so busy, well,… producing, that they don’t have as much time as they’d like to be visiting with consumers about food and agriculture.

It’s not that we don’t want to.  Or that we don’t believe those tasks are important.

On the contrary… farmers & ranchers are keenly aware of just how vital it is to answer consumer’s questions about their food, how important it is for the crops we grow to be presented in a positive light to our consumers,…how much our customers want to understand the process involved in bringing the products to the shelves in their local grocery store.

And we desperately want consumers to comprehend the heart, the history, and the legacy behind the food they eat.

We want families at dinner tables across America to know that their meal came from a family not unlike their own, through a culmination of work, sweat & tears… a labor of love.  An endeavor to proudly provide to them the safest, most abundant, affordable food supply in the world.

In spite of these deep desires though, there are only 24 hours in a day.  And so the dilema.

Enter:  the Agvocates.

Not simply advocates.  These are the people who tirelessly promote agriculture and help create a dialogue between producers & consumers day in and day out.

They educate, they mediate, they inform.  They promote, explain, defend, support.  They give meaning, share insight, tell a story.

They are AG…vocates.

Today seemed like a perfect day to tip our hats to these folks.

Ag Day is their day too.  A day to celebrate their continuing efforts, their sleepless nights, their endless encouragement.

So let’s do this.  In the comments below, give a shout out to some of the Agvocates you know.  (I’ll start!)


Put your thinking cap on….. you know they’re out there!  Ag organizations, education groups, bloggers, agronomists, dieticians, and the list goes on.  (For more ideas & inspiration about groups or individuals that are part of the celebration, make sure you check out the resources at

Then, share this post to your social media accounts and tag these groups. (And remember to use the #AgDay2015 hashtag too!) 

And challenge producers you know to do the same!

Today, as Ag Producers, let’s share the love.  And let’s do it loud & proud!

I’ll see you soon on the farm…. and across social media with the #AgDay2015 hashtag!   -Shauna
6 Responses to "An #AgDay2015 Shout Out to AGvocates!"
  1. ON Ag day I went to a presentation on GLUTEN that was done by Kim Farver Warner, here in Colorado. That is a subject that we farmers need to talk about and tell the truth about. Gluten is really important in all the food that we eat, and in the bread making process. We need to feel sympathy for the people that can’t eat Gluten as they would love to again have a fresh, warm piece of bread!!! See you at home. Marlys Farver

  2. I’d like to second all your shout outs and add Nurse Loves Farmer (Sarah Schultz), Farmer’s Daughter USA, FarmHer (Marji Gayle Alaniz), Andrew Campbell, and Ryan Goodman to the mix!

  3. My favorite, of course is Shauna Farver, but I’d like to give a shout out to Extension Agents everywhere, as well as all those kids doing 4-H demonstrations around the nation!

  4. Thank you Shauna! Shout out first to YOU. Then to Katie Pratt, Jenny Schweigert, Jessie Thompson, Taylor Truckey, Emily Webel, Leah Beyer, Val Wagner, Katie Heger, Teresa Dvorak, Sarah Wilson!

  5. AGvocates shout out to: Montana State University Extension, Montana Farm Bureau, Montana Grain Growers, National Wheat Foundation, Montana Stockgrowers Association, the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Countil, the Prairie Californian (Jenny Dewey Rohrich), Katie Pinke, Janice Person, and the AgChat Community!

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