About Us… Revisited & Revised


Last week I had the opportunity to attend a training that helped me learn how to talk & answer questions more effectively about issues in agriculture… particularly in social media.

And after a little over six months live, it also gave me an opportunity to really think about the purpose for this blog, the message we want to send, and most importantly– to think about what you, the reader, want to hear!

So I came home and visited with the Farmer, made a few changes to the blog itself, & did some editing to the ‘About Us’ page... the page where we introduce ourselves.

We realized we really have two pretty simple goals.
•To share our gratitude for our lifestyle as farmers, and through that, help you find the blessings in your own life.
•And to give you a really authentic look at where your food comes & how that process happens.

Hopefully, there’s something in there that interests you.  Because really, if there isn’t, .. we’re just talking to ourselves.  And I already do far to much of that.  People are starting to stare & point! 😉

Seriously though, we’d love some honest feedback…. let us know if we’re on the right track!  Leave a comment here on the blog, or feel free to send an email to shauna@farverfarms.com if that’s more up your alley.

So most of the time you’ll be getting the ‘feel good’ stuff from us, but that doesn’t mean we won’t share about the hard ag issues sometimes too.

We want to be completely transparent about the way we grow food, and why we choose the production techniques we do.  We want you to understand that your food source, not just from us, but from all ag producers, is safe…and why.  And we want you to trust the people behind the food you put on your table.

To help make that happen, we’re rolling out a new blog series on Friday, March 6th.

‘Where Does My Food Come From?’ will be a blog/podcast with a new post every Friday.

You’ll hear from farmers all across the Nation, hear about the food they produce, & get to know them on a personal level.

We’ll also have a food host for each new post… & you as the reader will have a chance to win prizes!  Comment on the blog or on the Facebook post for that blog, & you’ll be entered in the drawing to win whatever our food host for that post is giving away.  Share our post & we’ll throw your name in the drawing two more times.  (That’s not twice for EACH share.. just twice IF you share…. we don’t want anyone spamming their girlfriends couisin’s uncle’s grandpa’s best friend to get extra entries!)  You never know what kind of yummy goodies might be coming your way!

For now, take a peek at our revisited & revised ‘About Us’ page.  Let’s call it a Grand Opening!

We’ll see you soon on The Farm!  -Shauna






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