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Over the next 30 days, I’ll be posting a blog a day about Dirt Roads and the connection they have to agriculture.  Much of the food you eat starts out on a Dirt Road.  Or at the end of one.  Or is transported on one.  So it seems only appropriate to celebrate the Dirt Road, and the contributions is makes to our food systems.

But a Dirt Road is far more than a way to transport products from point A to point B.  It’s at the root of a heritage, a culture, a way of life.  And you can bet we’ll celebrate that over the next 30 days as well!

I couldn’t start a series about Dirt Roads & Agrigulture without talking about our Dirt Road first.


I’ll never forget the first time I traveled our road.  It wasn’t ours then.  It was on one of my first trips to visit my husband-to-be (who was barely a boyfriend at that point) and meet his family.

I remember riding along as he navigated the twists & turns, blind corners, & cattle guards.  He was anxious to take me to ‘the Farm’.  To tell me the story of his family.  How his maternal Great Grandfather had purchased the farm from the original owner & laid a foundation for generations to come.

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I never imagined on that first trip that 2 1/2 short years later, this Dirt Road & the Farm at the end of it, would be the beginning of our own journey together,… and the continuation of a love story & a legacy  started 80 years before.

Over the last almost 20 years, the same Dirt Road has greeted me.  Welcomed me.  Offered safe passage– a gateway in towards home, and out to a world beyond.


Whether it’s been a short trip to town or an extended stay away….minutes, days or weeks since I’ve followed it’s course.  The drive is always a familiar reminder of what is constant, and a path to the place where my heart lives and my soul rests.

Our road is not unique though. These Dirt Roads exist all across our Country.

They are the web that weaves together the family farms that form the backbone of rural communities and American Agriculture.

I’m anxious to introduce you to some of these roads over the next month. To tell their stories. To help you tie them to the food and fiber you consume every day and the farmers & ranchers who grow it.

And I hope that along the way, you’ll look at your own roots, and find your own story connected to a little Dirt Road somewhere.

I’ll see you soon on the Farm (and a dirt road!)   -Shauna

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