Where Does My Food Come From: Ryan Kanode

Thanks for joining us for another edition of ‘Where Does My Food Come From?’

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where does my food come from
This week, I’m visiting with Ryan Kanode, a mostly dryland wheat, corn & millet farmer from NE Colorado.  Ryan farms with his Uncles on Anderson Wheat Farms, and they are actually farmers… for farmers.

You’ll hear Ryan explain how that works, what it means for wheat production, and ultimately, the food on your table.

And Ryan will also tell us about a strategic move they made on the farm….literally!

Plus you’ll hear about this farmer’s favorite food…and I bet you’ll be surprised!


Push play below to hear my interview with Ryan.

All right, thanks again to Ryan for sharing his love of agriculture with us.  You heard it folks, an open invitation to visit him on the farm and see how your food is grown!

If you can’t make it to Colorado though and you have more questions for Ryan, or you’d like to see his photography work, you can connect with him on Twitter:


Give him a shout out there, or leave a comment below and let him know you appreciated hearing from him!

Thanks so much to all of you for reading, listening & following along with us.  Let us know what kind of food you’d like to hear about…what kind of farmer you’d like to meet next, and we’ll make that happen.

And if you know someone who would also like to know more about the food on their table, share this post & invite them to join you right back here next week for another #meetmyfarmer edition of ‘Where Does My Food Come From?’.

I’ll see you soon on The Farm!   -Shauna


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