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One of my new years resolutions this year was to start sharing some resources and reviews of other blogs here on our blog.

First off, on a day like today when I don’t feel like writing my own blog post, reading someone else’s and telling you about it is a great way to convince myself I’m actually getting some work done.  Plus, there are some really incredible blogs out there that certainly deserve to be shared!

And secondly, I don’t have all the answers.  (Don’t tell the Farmer I said that!)  But seriously, the more I learn the more I understand how little I really know.  Especially about farming, and GMO’s, and how food grows and glyphosate, and government regulations and food fear and politics that affects agriculture….and…and…..

And I know some of you have some of the same questions, because you’ve asked me.  So I’ll also be sharing some resources that I’ve found helpful that can help answer our questions.  Or at least give us a start in the right direction.

So today, I want to share a blog that I just started reading.  I’ve know about it for a while now, but I hadn’t taken the time to actually check it out.  Shame on me….because I was really missing out!

My friend Jackie is a young farm wife here in my own neck of the woods .. um, or prairie,.. and has a blog called Denim and Dirt, Living the Farm Wife Life.  And you can find it at

406 farm wife

Jackie is thoughtful, insightful, loves telling her farm story, and from what I can tell, is a great cook!  Plus you’ll find some really stunning farm photography on her page.

Today, I read her latest post, ‘Dear God’.  It reminded me of a few things I’ve forgotten, on a day I really needed to be reminded.  Things like gratitude, for whatever place you’re in.  And it renewed my resolve that our way of life on the farm and in rural America is worth fighting for.

This post is open, honest and raw.  Grab your tissues, because you’re gonna need ’em, and head over there to have a read.  I hope you find your own huge helping of gratitude for whatever place you’re in.

I’ll see you soon on the Farm!  -Shauna

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